Monday, May 30, 2011

Basket Bits and the Bed Biter

Douges has been such a gem lately that we decided he should stay in the laundry room while we were away at a dinner party on Saturday night.

Our bragging about what an amazing dog he is had definitely clouded our better judgment. We set up a potent cocktail for our furry friend with the following ingredients:

1. Fear of being alone
2. the dark
3. Mommys Laundry basket (that apparently tastes good)
4. our trust
5. and a giant puppy

Josh and I came home from the outing and walked into the house. Josh went to let Douges out and I hear "Baaabe...come here"
I walk around the corner and there are a million little blue plastic pieces scattered all around the laundry room door. Neither one of us wanted to open the door for fear of what laid on the other side.

We finally opened the door and there is Douges wagging his tail and stretching as he greets us....underneath him is a pile of blue bits of what used to be a laundry basket.

We immediately check the walls for damage and find that he has mostly just attacked the door handle, which is easy to replace.

We instantly get angry with him and he looks at us with confusion as to why were upset.

Douges spent the majority of the rest of the evening sitting at the back door looking at us with sad puppy dog eyes while Josh and I cleaned up his ridiculous mess.

While cleaning I even found blood everywhere from his ridiculous chewing frenzy. I hope it hurt him.

An interesting note, Douges didn't destroy any of HIS personal belongings, only mommy and daddy's belongings. The only thing he hurt of his own was he ripped the tag off his bed....which I have told him not to do on many occasions. I am guessing he decided he was already going to be in trouble so he might as well go for it all the way. 

Anyway needless to say....Lesson learned. Douges is now always outside when we are not home and we are working on his abandonment issues.

Photos to come.

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