Friday, May 27, 2011

Douges Disaster One

Well I said the reason I started this blog was to document all of Douges shenanigans, but frankly I didn't think I'd be able to post a story so soon.

Yesterday was Douges first day spending time alone. Aaron and I tied him up out the back (just in case, because apparently he had a history of running away, cause he was neglected) gave him kisses and said good bye. He was great the whole time Aaron was gone! When he came home Douges was waiting patiently for him. Success!!......or so we thought.

See there is something about Douges that we weren't aware of, our dog is afraid of the dark. We didn't know this was possible, maybe it's the night noises, we're not sure.

When Josh left for squash, he tied Douges up, even though he was only going to be gone an hour. When he got back he walked through the house excited to see his Dougie! As he got to the back he noticed that something was off with the back door screen, it had a giant hole in it.....hmm how could that happen if Douges was tied up....

Hole One

Hole Two

Douges feeling very remorseful.
He continued outside to find Douges walking up to him with his chain still attached as well as half of the patio chairs dragging behind him. In his panic he had managed to rip the chain off the, probably too old hook in the fence, and tangle up the chairs, they were his new sled. Maybe we should take him to Alaska!

Anyway needless to say Douges was very relieved to see Josh and they picked me up later, and Josh shared his story, all things considered it was a good first disaster, the screen will be cheap and easy to fix the only bad thing was that Josh didn't get a photo of him and his chair sled.

Now the little ratbag is laying on my arm snoring as I type this, we may work on the fear of the dark thing tonight :)
brindle great dane
Yeah veeery remorseful.


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