Thursday, May 26, 2011

Becoming a Barton

I think it is fitting that our Douges (prounced Doooges) came to us on this day of all days. You see yesterday was State of Origin, for those of you who don't know this is a very important day to all Queenslanders and New South Wales residents. It is when their NRL all stars go head to head in a game that only two of the Australian states get to be a part of. I'm assuming the rest of the states don't get to play because they don't like NRL (rugby league) but either way it baffles me a bit that two states can have tons of teams with players from both states playing for their rival state the majority of the year and then once a year for three games they both drop everything, return to their own sides of the border and have it out. It is definitely the equivalent to the super bowl in this part of the world.

Anyway the reason I even bring this up is because when Josh went to pick up our Dougie he just happened to pick the middle name Lockyer (Queenslands ultimate NRL player who retires this year) for him.

So his official name is Douges Lockyer Barton. You may be wondering where his first name came from, well that one was an easy pick for Josh and we were driving home from our first encounter with Douges at the RSPCA, when we fell in love with him, we started picking out names even though we both knew the chances of us being able to get him (we're renting) were very slim.
I like to name animals after their personality and Douges is very lets just say, chill. So we started naming wild animals that could represent this image, we started with wombat, whale, hippo, rhino, tiger (that was Josh's), lion, and the list went on and on, eventually we got stuck in the water creature category and Josh said Doogon (spelling), a Doogon is basically a manitee only I think it looks a little plumpier.

And instantly I said DOUGES! and we didn't suggest one more name after that, it was the one.

5 month brindle great dane

When Josh went to pick up Douges from the Noosa RSPCA (if any one is looking to rescue a pet, check this place out they are really sweet and put up with our constant calls about how he was doing with his Kennel Cough), Douges knew immediately something exciting was happening. He did really well on the ride home, no sickness, no whinging, other than sooking to Josh every once in a while for a pat.

Mean while I was sitting at home trying to work and being completely distracted with anticipation, would he be a ratbag? would he love me right from the start? would be be too big to handle?

My worries quickly dissipated when a big floppy eared dog came lumbering toward me.

Douges and I had a great night to ourselves laying on the couch together (the boys went to the game, which I did not mind at all), and although I think he likes Josh better because of the whole alfa male thing, I know he has an extra soft spot for me. But he is currently curled up with Aaron in his bed so we will see who wins the affection race.

I am the one that feeds him :)

I'm hoping this blog will eventually be filled with all the funny shenanigans that Douges gets up to, and document our journey with him. This is the beginning of a new adventure for us and we are all excited.

5 month brindle great dane
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