About Me

My name is Kirsten and I have a very strong love for my giant Great Dane, Douges. This blog started out as a means to keep our family updated on all of our dogs silly shananigans but has slowly morphed (through my endless hours spent searching for fun new craft projects on blogs) into an outlet for my creativity.

I studied Communications at Avondale College, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in 2010 and I now am the wife and co-worker to the love of my life, Joshua.

We have settled in Brisbane, Qld and work most days of the week side by side at his parents family company, Lightning Brokers. I do PR and Marketing for them and a few other things. One of the most favourite things I get to do for them is talk to other people about my most favourite product in the whole world, The DivaCup. It is awesome!

When I am not working there I am a sub-editor at Women's Network Australia. Which is very fun because it is a change of pace and I get to use my writing degree.

I love both my jobs but honestly the best part of my day is coming home taking Douges for a walk and then spending the evening with Josh, so no matter how hard a day I've had I know I can always look forward to it's perfect ending.

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