Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The ranting post that everyone hates including me

So I am feeling ridiculously unmotivated when it comes to writing as of late.

I think of incredible things to write about on my walks with Dougsie and then by the time I get home I remember the washing I forgot to put out or the fact that I haven't finished the 2nd season of Shameless, both equally important.

When I do feel motivated to be creative I usually spend that time making something that I can actually use, unlike words on a page (or webpage) which just sit there in cyberspace not really adding or taking away from my creative library.

I used to love to write, I would sit for hours thinking up little poems or funny stories that I just had to document because of course they were pure brilliance! Or so I thought.

I soon arrived at college all excited about where my new found joy in writing would take me. I had high hopes of becoming a journalist and reporting on the war on terror. (which I might add, I do not know how we can wage war on terror, it isn't a person) And after a few months there I wanted to write for a international aid agency, reporting on all the outstanding progress they were making overseas.

However after about one semester I realised I wasn't the writer I thought I was. I even struggled in poetry class which as I said before, I thought I was brilliant at.

Amidst all of that realisation and then devastation I did find something that clicked for me. It was the one class I actually enjoyed, actually responded to.

Funny enough I can't remember what it was called, but it was learning how to write literary non-fiction. For those that don't know literary non-fiction is literature that is about true events but you get to describe those true events in a very flowery and graphic way. Not poetic license but you definitely get to let your senses do the leading.

I loved it. Did I pursue it? No.

I quickly realised more often than not if your dreams don't make you money they can be very hard to follow, mostly because you won't eat. I applaud those that laugh at common sense and do it anyway, we can thank those looneys for all the artistic contributions in this world.

There really isn't a point to this particular rant, just wanted to share my frustration for my lack of motivation in writing. I want to enjoy it again and seek it out instead of looking at it like something I 'Should' do.

Maybe the whole idea is to 'make' myself do it and eventually it will be a joyful habit.

If so, here's to making this annoying rant the first of many. Sorry to those that actually read this blog, this is the beginning of a lot of nonsense.

Douges acting out my creative laziness. 

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