Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

I had an old picture frame lying around that I just didn't really have room for in the house. I was working on a project that needed chalkboard paint so I got a little excited and decided to make myself a Kitchen chalkboard.

I always need to quickly write down grocery items and someone (joshua) always steals my notepads so I inevitably end up forgetting the grocery item when I go to the shops.

Who knew you could paint chalkboard paint onto glass! I didn't...

Anyway I just used some old paint I had lying around, baby blue and white, I think it was acrylic. I tried to highlight in white, don't look too closely with my impatient nature it is sort of messy, which I ended up liking because it gave it more of an old fashioned weathered look.

The frame was wooden by the way, I just sanded back the varnish so the paint would stick better.

For the 'blackboard' part I just used black chalkboard paint and did two coats. I think I could have done three. If you are more patient than I am I would leave the first coat to dry overnight and then apply the second, you will get a much smoother finish.

This is the finished product which I was quite happy with. Now I just need to make a little holder for the chalk and wallah!

DIY Chalkboard

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