Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Out with the Officeworks in with the Awesomeness

I kept promising my loved ones that I would continue to write (for fun) once I was done with Uni, then once I was done with Uni I promised I would start writing (for fun) once I found a inspiring career, then when I found an inspiring career we needed a little extra money so I started working at Officeworks and there went my time for fun writing.
So here I am, 10 months into marriage and I now have no excuses. With my nine to five jobs and supportive husband who helps me around the house, the excuses are gone.
One of my most favourite photos from our wedding :)
 2011 has been nothing short of incredible for me and mine. It started with a trip to America for my incredible fiance to meet my parents, finally getting to see them not as blurry images via Skype but in person.
Good times with Pau.

Then after meeting the folks we all quickly filed into planes and made our way over to this big lovely island I now call home (Australia, for those of you who don't know).

My best friend Jessica, was able to join us and Josh's best friend Dion made his way over from London. Why on earth we BOTH have our best friends living on different parts of the planet is beyond me.

Despite the fact that I still refuse to admit that I wanted a wedding, I have to admit that as weddings go it was a pretty fun occasion, obviously I was too excited to be getting married to the love of my life to notice if everyone was enjoying themselves but it looked like they did. (Thanks Jarred Martin for the awesome photo booth that kept everyone entertained)

Since then I have had three jobs, Officeworks, working at Lightning Brokers with Josh's family, and now working at Women's Network Australia.

This is what happens late at night on a VERY cold camping trip!

Officeworks lead me to meet some odd people, some angry people, and some incredibly lovely people.  Despite the fact that that working there was obviously not living up to my communications degree that my parents sacrificed so much for, I truly believe that is where God wanted me. Considering working there is how i met my current boss, serving her at the register. She said "Honey, why the hell are you working at Officeworks?"

Douges First big trip in the truck.
I know God lead me there because of the people there, I prayed every day for opportunities to show Jesus love to those Nutty people and I think, not by my own efforts that is exactly what happened. When I left there was hugs and kisses, flowers and chocolate and so many "we will miss you"s.

So here I am now, about to embark upon a new year working a few days at the office with Josh and a few days at WNA (Women's network Australia).

This year I have started keeping a prayer journal and although I am not always on task with writing in it, it has drawn me closer to God in so many ways.

Looking back through it I can see how God has answered every prayer I have prayed not only this year but last year, I prayed he would save me from myself and by golly he has :)

One of the many things we acquired this year :)
But I find it ironic, when you have everything you want you finally realise you had the one thing you desire the most all along, and really the ONE thing we need. I love Josh, I love my Dougie, I love everything about my life, but I wouldn't enjoy any of those things without my Lord. And if you don't know what I am talking about then you haven't found IT yet :) But don't worry you will.

This year has been one of tears, adjusting, laughter, yelling, stomping, jumping, dancing, singing, did I say laughing?, biting (douges), baby taradactle voices (ask duncan), and illustrious Happiness.

If next year is half as good as this year I will be one lucky (blessed) girl.

Here's to keeping my first New Year's resolution: writing!

Happy New Year Everyone...

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