Friday, April 27, 2012

My First Park Review

I know I have been saying that I would start writing more.....we all know how that has been going. So I have decided to start giving my silly opinion on things instead. And then when I have time, I will write for the sake of creativity.

So here is my first go at a review. I plan to make a regular occurrence of reviewing parks for Big Dogs.

Alexander Clark Park 

Alexander Clarke Park

This park is a bit of a cop out for my first review because J and I go there quite regularly with Douges, but that being said I would say I am an expert on it's facilities.

Although, when I went to take pictures today I discovered some new additions to this parks awesomeness. It also has a beautiful walking path that runs along the Western edge of the park, along the river (I pulled out my iphone compass for this one so I am sure it is that Western edge)

Logan River Walkway
This pretty little path wraps around to the far end of the park.
I counted four little gates that lead down to the water. Very safe for the kids.
Dog Park

Alexander Clark Park is near our house and quite conveniently has the largest dog park area we have visited with Douges. There are two parks, one for the little fellas and one for the big fellas. The larger park has quite developed obstacle courses for those smarter pooches. Douges....not so much, although he does enjoy running up the doggy ramp and standing on top as if he is the king of the park.

Dog Obstacle Course Logan
This is one of Dougies favourites, really it's the only thing he 'uses' there. 

Dog Obstacle Course Logan
Obstacle course for the smarter breeds. 

The grass is well maintained here and there is a lovely shaded area for owners, although we always find it a bit unfair that the "little" dog park owners have a lovely gazebo to sit under, while we only have two benches, but beggers can't be choosers.

The 'small dog people' gezebo. 

The main area for the big dog folks, there are
several more benches scattered around the area. 

The beauty of this place is even when you strike out and come at a time of day when there are no big dog owners, there is almost ALWAYS a little dog to run up and down the length of the adjoining "little" dog park and give your big dog some exercise while they chase them. 

Sometimes when this happens I feel it is a bit torturous for Dougie because he wants sooo badly to make friends with the little dog, but it wears him out none the less. 

There is also a tidy rubbish bin for their dirty little deeds and they also have an ample supply of poo bags on the post next to it. We go there all the time and both the bin is kept clean and the bags are kept refilled.

The tidy bin on left and the bag pole on right.

The regulars here are all very sweet, we often find that with a dog as big as Douges some people get scared he will hurt their dog when it is a little smaller than Douges (and let's be honest, that is most dogs) but here they are all relaxed and don't mind a bit of rough play which makes it easier to relax on our part. 

Outside of the dog park this place is gorgeous, the Logan River runs around the edge of the whole park and makes for a very whistful atmosphere. There are several different play areas for kids and tons of picnic tables for afternoon outings. 

This playground is located at the end closest to the water. 
This is a strange thing J and I often play on, but his legs are too long. 
The main playground located closest to the entrance. 
A look out along the Logan River path. 
There are many old trees at this park, it is so beautiful. If
by some fluke there are no empty tables, you can always
throw a blanket down and have a picnic. 

This is a very dog friendly park for big dogs and little dogs alike and even if we move someday we will always come back to visit. Check it out for yourself if you live in South Brisbane. 

And if you're lucky you'll visit on the Beagle Club day, I will post a video of when Douges got to meet the Beagle Club, it was insane! 

brindle great dane
Douges with his new haltie. He's still not sure about it.

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