Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lobster Back

I am up at 6:30 am on a Saturday. . .

This may seem ridiculous because I have no reason to be up this early, we have no kids, Douges sleeps in, and we have no prior commitment to get up early and go hiking or something.

In order to answer the Why? question I have to go back a few days, it all started on Wednesday.

Josh and I decided. . . . actually hang on it started on Tuesday!

Alright so on Tuesday Josh and I went to work at the office, leaving adorable Dougsie all by himself for 8 hours. With nothing to do but think up ways to piss me off.

When we came home from work there was a Douges sized hole in our gate and one of our awesome neighbours had barricaded him back in. Now in his mild defence it had been raining for a week and when I say raining I mean hurricane weather, and no for any Australians reading this I am not exagerating, you guys are just used to disaster weather being the normal forecast, anyway the wood on the really old fence was completely saturated so the planks popped off like they were held on with sticky tape. Douges has gotten out before but this was a winner!

This is what we came home to the second time he broke out. Yes he did it more than once, I blame the rain. And his rebellious teens.
I later spoke with several of our neighbours one of which is an elderly woman and she told me he spent most of the day standing in the middle of our culdisac watching her weed her garden. Now I find that humorous, but apparently to some a 45 Kilo (roughly 100lbs) dog starring at you and drooling can be disheartening.

This is his grumpy lip face. This face is usually preceded by a drawn out sigh or low pitched or high depending on his mood whinging noise. This particular shot was taken from my bed where he likes to do his said noise and then stare at me and breath on my arm until I either notice him and tell him to get lost or invite him up. Needless to say I rarely tell him to get lost.

Anyway the reason I am telling you this is because it directly relates to what happened on Wednesday (by the way we boarded up the fence and put everything we could think of in front of that gate, the perimeter is secure . . . for now).

So of course all day the following Wednesday I was fretting and worrying that Douges would get out again and cause havoc to our neighbours, one of which I'm pretty sure thinks he is neglected (I am taking her baked goods this morning to let her know we're nice people that don't neglect our dog, I mean who do you know that bakes for fun that is a bad person right?). So I worried all day and then when I talked to Josh on my lunch I was worrying some more to him and as I do I was thinking ahead to the worries of the weekend. You see, Josh and I have a little BBQ get together we were going to on Saturday night, and Dougie especially loves to cause trouble at night time when he is left alone.

So even before I expressed that concern Josh suggested that we have the BBQ with our friends at our house instead of where it was going to be held because it would be easier for everyone, plus it would be our first "couple" hosted get together and there's the added bonus that Douges wouldn't be left alone. So of course I said YES!

Now here's where the story starts to tie together, because we were having people over to our house and because it had been raining non-stop the week before I decided I HAD to mow our ridiculously long grass on my day off on Thursday. Josh told me not to but I was of course determined. I spent all day weeding the flower beds, mowing, and I even left the catch on . . . oooo the catch, I have to share a story about the catch!

Douges making himself extremely helpful while I mow the entire yard!

I have only mowed our lawn about two times since we moved in because Josh is a good husband and generally tries to squelch my desire to do it cause it hurts my back. But I don't like him doing it on Sundays. Anyway I am not too familiar with it's mechanics, so when I go to put the catch on I just can't seem to get the little latch to hold it in place. No matter how hard I hit it onto the mower it just won't stay. I am just about to give up when I realise that I am putting it on completely wrong and all I had to do was lift the lip over the top of the mower so that it hooked on . . . sooo easy and I spent half an hour trying to figure it out. I even called Josh and he was like "Babe it's really easy I don't get what you could possibly be doing wrong." My first blonde moment for that day.

I spent five hours doing the outside work, taking my time to make the yard look great. About hour three I was starting to notice that I was beginning to get a little burned but I thought nothing of it because not even the Australian sun seems to get me too burned.

When Josh got home that night and I proudly met him and Aaron at the door to greet them with all my news of my awesome accomplishments I was met with two "OOO woah hahahahaha". Apparently I was a little bit more than sun kissed. Mind you I had been gardening in my bikini.

The Burn. Skin Cancer anyone?

This finally leads me to why I am up at 6:30am on a Sabbath morning. I have been tossing and turning all night from my itchy and burning skin and keeping Josh up and Douges even I think. And despite their patient understanding I have decided to get up instead of driving them crazy with my thrashing.

There are no pearls of wisdom to go along with this post other than maybe to wear sun screen, just me sharing my silliness with you. Here's to BBQing, in this case, my skin!
My extremely well done mowing job : ) I was proud even despite the sunburn.

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